Nanoflam fire retardant textile coatings for upholstery

Nanoflam produces a wide variety of textile coatings, which confer flame retardant performance to upholstery fabric to meet the UK domestic furniture legislation and other fire retardant specifications. These coatings range from hydrophobic coatings to thermal barrier coatings, and can also improve other properties of the fabric such as dimensional stability.

Some of the technologies used by Nanoflam to ensure customer products are fire retardant can include the following:

Backcoating chemicals

A range of backcoating chemicals for upholstery, including the traditional Antimony Trioxide/Bromine based fire retardant system and Chlorine based alternatives, which are more suitable for natural fibres and the more eco-friendly non-halogen systems. All products are available in a form to suit your coating equipment and application method.

Fire Protection Coatings And Fire Retardant Membranes

Nanoflam produce membranes and fire protection coatings for the manufacture of fire retardant upholstery fabric. Barrier systems are also used, whether it is expanding graphite or glass beads, we provide a range of different options capable of meeting the following fire test standards: Domestic, Furniture and Furnishing, (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (cigarette and match tests). Contract, BS7176 1995 low, medium and high hazard. Cigarette, match and (crib 5+7).