Nanoflam Ltd manufactures a range of textile coatings which can be applied as foam or paste by use of knife/roller or air, roller, screen-coating, padding or spraying to a wide range of textile substrates of woven, knitted or nonwoven constructions.

Nanoflam products are suitable for application to most fabric constructions and fibre types and blends. Formulations can be modified to meet individual customer requirements and whilst all products can be applied on conventional machinery we will adjust formulations to perform on specific application machines as necessary.

Our philosophy is to innovate and develop new products, which have good properties whilst maintaining the textile's performance, having a low environmental impact and being reliable in use. Properties conferred include flame retardancy, wash and dry-clean resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability to both knitted and woven fabrics, water repellency, HF weldability, and blackout.

Textile coatings for a range of markets


Nanoflam textile coating provides heat, water and light protection for a range of materials that can be applied for a number of different markets, including upholstery.


A water repellent acrylic coating system that can be applied to rugs, carpets and furniture. Heat resistant and stain repellent finishes available.

Blinds and drapes:

Coating systems for blackout and dim-out blinds and drapes are available in fire retardant and non fire retardant versions.


Non-woven technical textiles for high demanding fabrics such as military camouflage nets, tents and apparel, as well as healthcare upholstery and mattress covers.


Polyurethane coating and hot melt adhesives laminated to membranes serve as protection for shoes, apparel and accessories.