Fire retardant fabric treatment and waterproof coating

At Nanoflam we offer coatings and backings for a variety of household furnishing materials. Providing a range of benefits, including fire retardant fabric treatment, waterproof coatings, thermal coating, and increased dimensional stability, our processes can help to add customer-sought value and quality to your products.

All of our processes and results follow strict industry guidelines and comply with a huge range of test standards, helping you to guarantee the quality and reliability of your fabrics.

The following are some of the main uses of our products, but it is by no means an exhaustive list and you should contact us or browse our website for information about any other uses.


We provide a range of acrylic-based coatings for tablecloths including stain resistant fabric. Nanoflam can provide you with the right appearance, waterproofing and stain repellence. Our process can transform household textiles into safe, practical and industry-standard items. Our process utilises fluorochemicals to add to the resistant and resilient qualities of your tablecloths and other textile products.

Tablecloths and kitchenware are ideal for the water and stain repellent qualities of our coatings and can help to add real benefits to any item you produce.

Fire Resistant Carpets & Rugs

We offer backings to protect and improve the dimensional stability of any rug or carpet, helping them to keep their shape better over time, improving their quality and lifespan. Whether you need to produce fire resistant carpets or stain resistant rugs, we have the fire protection coatings for the job.

Pile Backcoating

With our expertly developed range of coatings and finishes for pile fabrics you can ensure a durable and quality finish to your textiles.

Offering increased pile retention and dimensional stability to your product, by backcoating pile fabrics we can improve the overall strength of the material, meaning that both more pile and the items shape can be kept over time.

Ironing Board Covers

We can provide heat-resistant, aluminised thermal coating protection for ironing board covers. Our aluminised thermal coating works to reflect heat from the iron, which can help to speed up the ironing process and improve the effectiveness of the cover itself.

This durable material covering is also hardwearing, as a result of its aluminisation, which can improve the quality and lifespan of any item it is attached to.