Blinds and Drapes

Coatings for blinds and drapes

At Nanoflam we use our specialist coating compounds for many of the blinds that you will see in the top retail outlets. We are very familiar with the need to meet exact technical standards within industries, which is why our thermal blackout curtain lining and blackout backing for curtains is manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Blackout backing for curtains

Nanoflam are experts in the production of blackout backing for curtains and blinds, both for the traditional three coat system and the double/single coat system for darker shades, depending on the fabric and performance needed.

Fire retardant blinds and drapes

With years of experience in meeting the textile industry testing standards, Nanoflam are very familiar with producing fire retardant blinds and drapes to meet the following standards: BS 5867 Part 2 type B, DIN 4102 (B1), AFNOR NFP 92-503 (M1)

Polyester pigment coating

Pigmented coats, particularly suitable for polyester fabrics, are often more eco-friendly and more cost-effective than dyeing.

Blind stiffening coating

Many blinds need the handle adjusting for either ease of handling during production or for the aesthetic feel and appearance of the finished blind, contact us for more information on blind stiffening coatings.


Single coat, thermal, crushed foam for use with and without flock. Blackout and dim-out coatings, which can be fire retardant and non-fire retardant to meet the following standards: BS 5867 Part 2, DIN 4102 (B1), AFNOR NFP 92-503 (M1).