Specific range of polyurethane and hot melts adhesives used to laminate membranes to various substrates and shoe assembly adhesives. The main application areas are;

  • Shoes, school shoes, trainers
  • Gloves and socks
  • Apparel

Adhesives and coatings for apparel

At Nanoflam we provide a complete range of apparel and footwear hot melt adhesives and coatings, designed to add a variety of benefits to any material. From waterproofing to fire-retardancy and increased resilience, our products can help to add fantastic quality and value to any item you produce.

The specially adapted polyurethane coatings that we use on textiles mean we are able to offer the best all-round package of benefits, with no compromises on comfort or practicality. The fantastic waterproofing, flexibility and even buoyant qualities of polyurethane coatings mean that it is an ideal material for any purpose.

Nanoflam adhesives can be adapted to suit all types of fabric and all of our formulations can be altered to meet your specific requirements, meaning that we can help you with whatever you need. We can also adapt our products to be used on a variety of machinery, helping to fit ourselves around your production processes, speeding up, and taking the hassle out of manufacturing.

Unlike some other coating and lamination adhesive manufacturers, the aim with all of our products is to add real benefits to any material, without compromising their existing properties or affecting their intended use. We are also committed to producing materials with a low environmental impact, both through our own production methods and by increasing the lifespan of any materials that our customers produce.

Coatings and membranes for waterproofing shoes

From hardwearing and waterproof shoes fit for the rigours of the playground, through to breathable trainers for sports, and sturdy fireproof boots for heavy industry, we can provide hot melt laminates, coatings and membranes to improve any footwear meant for any purpose.

Perfect for shoes of any description and for any use, the nature of our products means that they can be used to improve any shoe without compromising the benefits of the original item. Through the use

of sturdy footwear adhesives and breathable materials, we can help ensure that shoes are both more comfortable and longer lasting.

Not only are the waterproof coatings perfect for any outdoor uses, but the breathable membranes that we use also mean that the footwear remains cool and comfortable in warmer temperatures. In addition to that, our specially designed methods to improve the strength of shoes mean that we can improve their lifespan whilst not affecting their flexibility or comfort.

Coatings for gloves and socks

The huge range of benefits gained via the addition of our coatings and membranes to any fabric lend themselves perfectly for use in gloves and socks.

Our products can offer increased waterproofing and resilience to any item of clothing, perfect for sports and outdoor activities; helping to keep textiles warm and dry, whatever they’re used for. The breathable membranes that we use also increase comfort for the wearer whilst keeping cool and dry when needed.

The fire and water resistant, and hardwearing qualities of some of our products also make them perfect for use both at work and at home. From construction and industry through to gardening, the need for sturdy gloves is enormous. However, not only is it important that gloves provide adequate protection, they must also let the wearer perform their job easily, something that all of our products do.

Membrane coatings for apparel

From coats and trousers to overalls and jackets, the range of membranes and coatings offered here at Nanoflam are useful in almost any situation. We know that protective and resistant clothing is useful in a huge range of situations, whether for work or pleasure, and so our products are designed to fit any need.

For camping, sports, and outdoor activities we offer a range of waterproofing and wind proofing coatings, designed to keep your material warm and dry whilst enjoying the great outdoors. For warmer temperatures, we also offer breathable membranes that can be attached to fabrics, allowing the wearer to keep cool and dry whilst active.

When it comes to work too, we know that protective clothing is of the utmost importance.

Our range of fire-resistant and strengthening coatings for clothes and uniforms can help keep staff safe from the dangers they face whilst still allowing the flexibility and comfort to perform their roles.

Whether you are producing materials for use at home, by hobbyists or in a professional setting, all of our products meet strict safety standards. By choosing products from Nanoflam to enhance your materials, you can be sure that you are providing your customers with the ultimate in safe, industry standard fabrics.

For more information on any of these uses, our processes or to find out how we can help adapt to your needs, browse our website further or get in touch today.